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Chapter 1.1: MEAT

There are many, many fantastic TS3 legacies out there on the web. Beautifully crafted, delicate legacies, spinning tales of mystery and intrigue, experimentation with the TS3 world, and a ridiculous amount of morning sickness. Seriously, folks, do we really need that many pictures of Sims puking?

Vomit-clogged toilets aside, there’s one thing that all legacies have in common:


Meet the founder: Damian Hightower

Which maybe makes it a bit awkward when your founder dislikes children.

Damian Hightower is a flirty, friendly genius, but also one who is disciplined enough to hate the chaos that children bring to any Sim’s life. He’s living in the Kingdom of Niua Simoa because kiwi_tea’s awesome new world was just begging to have a legacy in it. (I’ve linked to the WA version, because that’s the one I’m playing, but there’s also a basegame version that I played around in before the WA one came out. I think I prefer the WA version. Look, heat haze in the background!)

Anyway, just to finish the introduction – in keeping with Damian’s flirty trait, he loves French music, but I’m not quite sure where his love of autumn salad and all things spice brown came from. I picked the Illustrious Author lifetime wish (max painting and max writing) because writing is by far and away the most lucrative source of cash in the game, and there won’t be a second income in the household for a long, long time.

That Dislikes Children trait has a purpose behind it, though. A very, very definite purpose.


But one of the first things Damian wanted to do was go harvest some wild plants. WTF, Damian? You do not have a green thumb! You do not love the outdoors! Why do you want to harvest plants, again?

I acquiesced, however, because I love the idea of having a garden full of perfect fruit and veg, and that’s one goal that takes a ridiculously long time to complete. Plus I found two not-lots (as in areas of Niua Simoa that don’t show up as official lots on the map, but nonetheless have proper, non-decorative stuff in them) and I wanted to check them out and see what was on offer.

This one? Had an awful lot of onions.

Gyms. Saviour of the Sims' hygiene.

Gardening, of course, makes a Sim mighty stinky, which made me glad that I’d picked a lot for Damian that was only a short distance from the Power Fale (AKA gym). Damian will not be working out here seeing as the gym moodlet is glitched and actually makes you learn slower while inside it, but it does make a nice alternative to buying a bathroom for the house.

There aren’t any enormous lots for sale in Niua Simoa, excepting one 50×50 lot in Waka Village. That lot, however, sells for 80K without anything on it, fitting in with kiwi_tea’s description of Waka Village as a manmade island designed to hold the second homes of ex-pat Sims, but also putting it a leetle bit out of Damian’s price range. (Plus I converted it back to a community lot and stuck the Military base on it, as in the basegame version.) I’ll see if I can do a tour of the island later.

Getting back to the point: although the lot I chose for Damian is much smaller than one I would have started from in Sunset Valley or Riverview, I used the familyfunds cheat to destroy a good chunk of his cash. Damian ain’t getting no advantages there, and so the gym will be his main source of bladder relief for a while.


The gym is also good for attracting MEAT. Actually, any community lot is good for that, but for some reason in my experience gyms tend to attract and keep Sims a lot longer.

The Sim at the front is Mae Chin – I think the one in the back is Crystal Ling, but I forgot to write her name down. She’ll probably turn up again later.

Bleh la lala la

I got Damian a-socialising with Mae ASAP. She’s married, but that doesn’t matter. Not sure if pulling silly faces helps towards the comedian charisma skill challenge, but hey, it makes for good mug shots.

My goals here are twofold: make friends so Damian can max out the Charisma skill and build up 10 strong friendships with female residents, so that Damian can have an heir in a somewhat non-traditional fashion, which is where the Dislikes Children trait comes into play. Y’see, the last time I played a legacy through, I ended up getting so attached to the kids that I frequently ended up with joint heirs and, on one memorable occasion, five toddlers in the same house. Not only did the number of Sims on the lot in combination with the sprawling monstrosity that was their home at that point make my game lag, but they also annoyed me out of wanting to raise Sim kids again for a good long while.

Thus, Dislikes Children. Damian won’t be having any kids on his own lot, oh no. Damian will instead be filling the rest of the neighbourhood with them, to be ignored until they reach their teenage years, when a truly epic version of an heir poll will commence.

I’ve not tried this before. We’ll see how it goes.

Gossip: more nutritious than your daily bread.

Gossip: more delicious than your daily bread.

Flirty eyebrow of DOOM!

Mae was a good Sim to start the socialising off with, it seems. Note the flirty eyebrow of dooooooom. They were quite happily chatting away when Mae autonomously decided to unleash the eyebrow – I take this as a good sign of things to come!

Another good sign was that her husband didn’t seem to notice and therefore did not rush out to smack Damian ’round the head. Why, I’m not sure, since they were standing in front of a sheer glass door and I’ve had Sims notice flirting through solid brick walls before. Logic, EAxis? What’s that?

The palatial Hightower abode

Anyway, this is el casa de Hightower as it currently stands. Everything except the counter was bought because Damian developed a want for it – hence the bathtub, even though I was intending for Damian to keep using the showers in the gym. Eh, I figure I can get him the steel bladder lifetime reward ASAP and then I can skip the gym altogether in favour of the library. He’s got just enough cash left for a desk, chair, cheap computer and easel. (All woods tastefully recoloured to spice brown, of course. There’s an awesome reference of the RGB and hexadecimals needed here.)

Damian also wanted to join the Medical career, which I allowed for the LTH points, then promptly made him quit. At least he met his boss so there’s another relationship there I can develop for charisma points.

I is ritor!

Damian also had just enough cash left in the bank to afford a lesson in writing. I like how he came out of there halfway to writing level 2. A few hours at the computer refining his writing skill, and he was ready to start work on a science fiction novel.

This looks promising...

Wooh! Go Damian!

Well hey there, you sexy thing

There are a few issues with Damian’s writing career, however – the main one being that he stubbornly refuses to roll wants about writing. I used the cash from his novel and by selling off a few of the veggies he’d collected to get this mirror, since I have no objection to him wanting to learn the charisma skill – but, of course, that only made him develop more charisma-related wants. Sorry, wishes.

Not quite the British Library, but it'll do

But logic? And cooking? And martial arts? WTF, Damian? This is almost as nonsensical as your first wish!

I gave in, though, and let him start skilling logic in the library (hee, alliteration) since logic does help you learn other skills faster. And I might send him into the cooking career track to get the fridge reward later on, so he’ll learn cooking too. Since Damian’s a genius and the library moodlet actually does help you learn faster, unlike the gym, he sailed through the logic books and was up to level 7 in no time.

Martial arts, on the other hand? Can wait.

Fresh meat!

Libraries are apparently also good for FRESH MEAT. Really, could Damian stay away from a Sim who so obviously knows how to flaunt what she’s got?

Library meat goooood.

Clearly he should not stay away. Clearly library meat is fabulous in quality.

(In case the pic isn’t clear enough – they’re both flirty Sims. I love the Observant lifetime reward!)

*jaws theme*

While Damian was busy socialising – and only socialising, “romantic interests” don’t count towards the friend count for the Charisma skill – an old guy called Fonzel Schiffer turned up with this toddler in tow and promptly ignored him. Except when he was carrying the toddler inside to dump right next to Damian, so the stinky thingy could scream its head off and annoy everyone in the vicinity.

Amazingly, though, Damian didn’t seem overly bothered by the kid. Well, he did get the standard -15 moodlet from the baby crying, but he just carried on as though the toddler wasn’t there. Er, how exactly does this Dislikes Children thing work again?

Stupid genius sims and their stupid mosaics

Ugh. I’d forgotten that genius Sims have this really annoying habit of painting mosaic paintings, like the way artistic Sims paint blurred ones. At some point I will assemble a Sim with no traits that would affect the painting at all – when I work out what they are – and set them to painting pictures for the household.

I was intending to keep all of Damian’s pictures and decorate the house with them when they’re built, but now I just end up scrapping them instead. He’s yet to paint a non-mosaic one.

Oho no, you can't fool me!

Annoyed at the stupid painting, it was back to the library for more learnings and more library meat.

Unfortunately, no eligible library meat was forthcoming.

Anju Sevele, I don’t care if you’ve dyed your hair and put on lots of makeup. You’re so clearly an elder that I wonder why you even bothered.

Getting Nessie banned: more important than oncoming traffic

Partway through Damian’s skilling, I noticed everyone in the library decamping abruptly to head off elsewhere. When I circled the town, I found the reason: a protest outside the city hall.

These protesters mean serious business. Getting Nessie banned: more important than oncoming traffic. I love how one of the Sims standing in the road was pregnant.

I guess library meat isn't always so tasty...

Elsewhere, one Sim – Runa Palefau – had decided that supporting the worthy cause of Loch Ness Monster-banning was not worth taking her life into her own hands, and had joined Damian in his library refuge. You can’t win ’em all, though: despite the plus signs above, they were actually reacting negatively to one another since Runa doesn’t like to flirt. Bah.

In summary, Damian’s currently focussing on making as many female friends as possible and skilling up as much as he can before the book painting/writing push. He’s made best friends with the first library!meat woman (I’ve forgotten her name), and good friends with Mae Chin and Runa Palefau. He’s at level 7 logic, level 6 painting, level 4 gardening and charisma, and level 3 writing. He’ll be focussing on maxing out his painting skill and schmoozing as many women as possible before the big baby push.

On a closing note:


I loled.

On to Chapter 1.2: It’s skillin time! >>



  1. Bookmarked. This made me smile so much. I’m loving see what you’re doing to the characters I created. This is exactly why I created the world, so that people could make their own stories. 😀

    Thanks a lot.

    • Thank you! I was almost afraid to start a legacy in Niua Simoa because it’s such a beautifully crafted world, but at the same time it was pretty much begging me to play it. 🙂 I’m glad you like it so far.

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  3. Interesting twist! looking forward to seeing how it works for you…

    • It’s entertaining at the moment – I’ve got a few other ideas that I want to try out, so this will be a pretty non-traditional legacy.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • Oh, for – that comment above was me, in case you hadn’t guessed. Oops!

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