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Chapter 1.2: It’s skillin’ time!

Back in Niua Simoa, Damian is still trying to get his 10 friendships with young adult or adult women to get a) help with his charisma skill and b) get started on gen 2.

Library meat triumps again

And, indeed, library!meat triumphs again. Meet Kendra Quigley – judging by the lines on her face, I think she’s an adult, but that hardly matters except that this photo doesn’t properly showcase how pretty she is.

Libraries are good for that!

And again...

See? Pretty! Plus library!meat chocked up another win with both her and Damian being friendly Sims. Sure, it’s not as good as both of them being flirty, but a win is a win, right?

Annoyingly, though, Kendra ran off before I could even find out whether she was single (seeing as every female Sim Damian has met so far has had a partner – I didn’t want him to be a homewrecker, but it looks like he might end up one), and although we hung around the library for a few more hours, no one else showed up.

Tomb raider!

Damian needed some more friends for the charisma skill, though, and there’s only one place you can always find someone to talk to after dark: the graveyard.

Here we see the grave of Sinister Clown. Awesome. I made Damian swipe it – the fact that I could put it in his inventory was a bit weird, since I thought you had to be friends with the ghosts to do that. Maybe the charisma skill helped? I dunno.

Er. He is sinister.

As soon as Damian got home, Sinister Clown appeared! Er. He does look quite sinister.

They chatted for a while until Damian was yawning and generally being a wimp, so I sent him to bed. Sinister was good enough friends with him by that point to nap on the bed next to him without either one waking up and screaming at the other. This is harder than it sounds.

Her chin is weird. Almost as weird as Damian's.

Gym!meat: Sisana Karakia. Again, she has a partner. Argh.

I’m not sure her genes would match up well with Damian’s, though, so maybe it’s for the best…

King of the Library! (Logic version)

This picture shows Damian with the serene expression of one who has mastered that most complex of arts, that most problematic of disciplines, that foundation of all science – well, arguably – logic.

That netted him a hefty load of LTH, let me tell you, but you wouldn’t know it from the look on his face. Maybe I should have given him the Snob trait.

It's ... not in mosaic? Really?

Look! LOOK! Damian painted a picture, and IT’S NOT A MOSAIC!

I actually quite like this one. The only time I’ve seen it before was when an evil Sim painted it, when it was completely coloured in red. (Although that was pretty cool on its own.)

Demonstration of why redheads wearing pink is a bad idea

Since Damian was still refusing to roll up writing wishes no matter how many times I made him sit at the computer, and I was getting sick and tired of having no money to start building the house with, Damian got to fulfil his wish to join the Medical career. (He kept rolling that wish up. No matter how many times I cancelled it, it would not go away.)

Pink … reeeaally isn’t his colour, though.

Taken just as Damian reached level 10 gardening

Aaaaaand max gardening! No call from the diner yet, but that’s not an issue. He’s not here just to be a gardener.

Through collecting seeds scattered about Niua Simoa, though, he’s managed to complete the gardening challenge to plant 19 different types of plant and I have a garden full of all the WA grapes and trees. Wooh!

Target #1: Mae Chin

Eventually, Damian hit level 10 charisma. This isn’t the moment – he made friends through work and topped the charisma skill by reading a skill book at the library, which is lame. Level 10 charisma means irrestible greets, though, and also means it’s time to get started on gen 2!

I used the NRaas supercomputer to check the town demographics, and found out that there were only twenty young adult and adult women in the entirety of Niua Simoa. Twenty. And about thirty-five men. My original goal was to have Damian woo ten women from around the town a la the Heartbreaker LTW (even though that’s not his LTW, shut up), but originally my scruples said “no one who’s already attached”. Well, it looks like I’ll have to ignore that one, seeing as there’s maybe two who aren’t!

First on the list: the ever-enigmatic Mae Chin.

*baby jingle*

Baby chimes! Yay!

Still no mosaic! Oh, and level 10 painting

That evening, Damian a) maxed his painting skill and b) painted this masterpiece. It’s not mosaic. Damian is winning many points with me today.

Conquest #2: Berthe Mau

Conquest #2: Berthe Mau. Er. She doesn’t always look this weird, I promise. Anyway, more baby chimes.

Aborted target #3: Claudine Palefau

I have no idea what Claudine Palefau’s problem is, though. She was the flirty library!meat from last chapter in the revealing outfit. Their relationship is maxed out, I had the thing saying she found the lovely Damian extremely irrestible, they were in lovely, natural surroundings (never mind that that’s only because Damian can’t afford a house yet) … what more does she want?

Shortly after his first failed attempt at sweet, sweet looove~ I made Damian quit the Medical career and join the Culinary one. He was near the top of the cooking skill and I want that top-of-the-line fridge!

Eee, twins!

Holly Chin and Lyndsey Chin! Twins! Awesome!

Holly is a neat bookworm and Lyndsey is an excitable genius. Nice to see a trait being inherited. (And no, I didn’t make Damian go to Mae’s house to interact with the babies to learn their traits – if you look at the family tree and click on the baby, it gives you the baby’s trait list. They’re going to know their own traits, after all.)

King of the Library! (Cooking edition)

This is the update of max skills, it seems. Max cooking here. If, y’know, you hadn’t already worked that out from the book in his hand.

Still no writing wants. Wishes. Whatever.

More twins!

More twins? Sheesh. Anyway, Kia Mau is brave and athletic, and Aimee Mau is a lucky perfectionist. So far, Damian’s kids are winning the trait lottery. Still no luck with Claudine, though.

Target #3: Kenya Creech

With four new babies and an obstinate Claudine, I figured it was time for someone new. This is Kenya Creech, who Damian met through work – culinary work, not medical – and she was somewhat more receptive. I think she’s a game-generated Sim. Anyway, here we have conquest #3, and more baby chimes!

Target #4: Kendra Quigley

And just to come full circle, conquest #4 is Kendra Quigley, who is apparently possessed of the ability to put her hand through Damian’s shoulder. I have also never, ever seen her out of her work clothes. She also seems to have been a fan in the music career forever.

Fur-lined coat and blue trainers. Nice.

After the woohoo-ing and baby chime-ing, I finally got to see Kendra’s normal outfit. Er. Fur-lined coat plus blue trainers? (Or sneakers, for you yanks.) I’m preeeety sure this makes her a game-generated Sim. Maybe that outfit is why she stays in the career outfit.

Tune in next time for baby girls, more baby girls, birthdays, and when exactly is Damian going to have a son, anyway?

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  1. I love it! It’s great to see another game in Niua Simoa.

    If I had an outfit like Kendra, I’d probably walk around town in my work clothes, too. Or my bathing suit. Or even my nightie… LOL!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what happens to Damian next!

    • Unfortunately Damian is a bit delayed since my stupid computer bluescreened and glitched my save files in the process, but it’s a-comin’! Poor Kendra, I think the lack of boutiques is getting to her. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

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