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Hightower Redax: Days Two and Three

Day Two

Second day, and Lin trots over to the gym for her morning apple and shower before going off to work.

If you think I’m going to do this more than once, you have another thing coming.

Come on, Ms Perfectionist, you need some money first before I can buy you anything.

Well, that didn’t go too badly, did it?

I didn’t get promoted.

No, but you’re halfway there, and you earned $239, which means you can now afford a bed! Plus you spent some time chatting to your boss, Hank Goddard.

Speaking of Hank, let’s go visit him.

I don’t get why, but okay.

He looks weird. Like some sort of monkey thing.

He does not. You’re just being picky. He’s your boss, you can’t afford not to be nice to him. So go make nice.

So Lin makes with the funny … and is a bit inappropriate for a moment when her head ends up in line with Hank’s–

Will you quit that? I am not inappropriate! It’s not one of my traits, see?

Then why do all your jokes end up with your head level with Hank’s–


I think he thinks you’re flirting. Heck, I’d think you were flirting.

Not talking to you.

Since Lin didn’t like the idea of flirting with Hank, I sent her home. This is why Lin has no money at the moment – I built her the bathroom when she first arrived, bought a few odds and ends, and then realised that meant she couldn’t afford a bed, which meant there was no sense in sending her back to the beach when the town has its own versions of everything else she owns. The day’s payout, however, tipped us just enough into the black to be able to afford the cheapest double bed.

Lin found a Red Admiral butterfly while roaming around Sunset Valley, so I named him Nelson and put him on the bedside table.

“G’night, Nelson.  I hope this cheapo crap bed doesn’t hurt my back.”

You are such a baby.

Day Three

Telephones are marvellous inventions.  They mean that Lin can socialise with the friends she’s met without moaning about there being other people around.


“Good morning, Miss Hightower.”

I’m kind of worried about how Lin’s going to get on at work now.  I know that police forces in general tend to be somewhat sexist (fun fact: in RL I work with the police as civilian support and my boss has a habit of addressing my chest instead of my face), but this is a bit more than I was expecting!

(PS: I used Delphy’s breast sliders to give Lin some rather comically large breasts, but this picture takes that to the extreme!  Don’t worry, it’s just perspective.  She’s not about to fall over or develop her own gravitational field.)

It looks like the bum-groping paid off, though, since Lin got a promotion!

…Er, you could at least look a little happy.

Grrr…  I want to smack him right in the nose so his nose gets squished like a pancake and then everywhere he goes kids will point at him and laugh and say “There goes Mister Pancake-Face”!

Er.  So I guess Hank is out as a potential husband.


Since Lin has ruled out Hank, Thornton Wolff is married (Hank was married, but split up with Pauline pretty darn quick) and Christopher Steel doesn’t think much of Lin at the moment, I sent her to be charming at a random tourist.

Why Lin thinks a charming introduction should start off with an apology, I couldn’t possibly speculate.

“You are a very pleasant lady, but my time here is up.  I must now take my leave and head to the airport.”

Ugh.  Do you smell or something, Lin?  Seriously, you talk to him for five seconds and all of a sudden he has to go to another country!

Hey, he came from Egypt in the first place!

Oh, whatever.  Get over to the park and socialise, will you?

He looks like a hippie, music must be a good topic!  “So, Mr Goth, what’s your favourite band?”

Band?  Do I look like one of those awful teenage groupies with their long hair and bad fashion sense?”

Don’t say it–

“Um, yes?”

I told you not to say it.

That went spectacularly well.  Good job, Lin.

I know you’re being sarcastic.  Ooh, cherimola blan grape seed!  Huh, I thought these were native to France, not Sunset Valley.

Don’t change the subject.  I am very upset with you, young lady.

Oh, lighten up.

I spent a short while ignoring Lin in retaliation, and caught sight of this.  Cornelia Goth can apparently fall asleep standing up with her eyes open.  Who knew?

Lin made her way back into my good books with this picture.

Glad to hear it.

It was still early evening, so when Lin decided that she wanted to head over to see Christopher Steel and impress him with her newfound social skills, I was too busy laughing to say no.

I can just imagine what Chris is thinking here. This is that boring woman from the library, why did I invite her into my house again?  If you laugh at her jokes a few times, maybe she’ll go away.


Surprisingly, though, Lin managed to make interesting conversation and didn’t screw up once.  Or so the game kept telling me, anyway.  I knew the “Never Dull” reward was a good purchase.

By the end of the evening, Christopher and Lin were best friends.

So, at the end of a very long Day Three, Lin puts her second butterfly in with Nelson as the start of her bug menagerie.  I named this one Emerald, because it’s green you shouldn’t give much thought to naming bugs.

See you next time!

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