Posted by: .anria | 14 March 2011

Okay, it’s official.

The Hightowers are dead.

My computer exploded. Okay, maybe not literally exploded, but certainly made a “bang!” noise, powered off and refused to reboot. Eventually, with the help of a computer engineer, we determined that the hard drive was corrupted and the data on it was unrecoverable.


I bought a new laptop, installed TS3, and stuck an old save file of both games into the new laptop.


They refused to load.

Both of them.

I’m cutting out several weeks’ worth of uninstalling, reinstalling, swearing repeatedly and bashing my head on the keyboard, here. This whole experience was so frustrating that eventually I just uninstalled TS3 completely and didn’t play for about eight months.

(Who holds grudges? Me? No way!)

So my legacies failed before they had even begun, and I am now making a very belated post explaining why there’s been no update since May last year. Oops.

Thanks to everyone who read and commented. I shall go back to lurking in the TS3 community until I get bored enough to make another legacy. If I do, though, it won’t be with any Hightowers, that’s for sure!


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